Our Services

Shower install specialists

Showers vary in shape and size. We work with you to create the best showering experience by choosing the best shower mixer and shower rose for your household hot water system.

Bathroomers provide full-service bathroom installations, including:

  • New shower fit out
    Install new mixer, shower cubicles and doors
  • Shower refits
    Remove old and existing showers, remove rotten wood, check and replace plumbing and install new shower cubicle
  • Shower relining
    Remove existing shower lining, re-Gib and install new one piece acrylic liner
  • Bath install
    Remove old bath, adjust bath cradle and plumbing, install new bath and acrylic liner
  • Bath screen
    Installation of water deflecting bath screens - ideal for shower over bath combinations
  • Vanity installs
    Remove old vanity and alter or install new plumbing
  • Toilet installs
    Remove old toilet and alter or install new plumbing
  • Shower dome supply and install
    Supply and install clear shower dome over shower cubicle to reduce steam and water staining

All of our installs are finished to painting standards (i.e. plastering and timberwork).

We have a 3 year installation guarantee and provide pensioner discounts.

Bathroomers recommend acrylic shower and bath enclosures:

  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance due to acrylic's smooth characteristics
  • All shower enclosures come with an easy clean waste system which make hair removal easy
  • Acrylic is the product of the future due to its durability and hygienic characteristics
  • Shower doors and return panels come in either white or chromed finish

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